Half $9 (CHICKEN only) and FULL $11 - $15

COMBOS (2 meats) $16-18

(Typically served with two sides and plantain slices UNLESS noted otherwise)

Valid: June 30 - July 17, 2015


Soup Season

Soup Season is here! On COLD/RAINY days be sure to ask about our listed/unlisted soup options: $4 sml, $8 lrg


Simply Roasted Salt n Pepper Salmon with Indian-Spice Sauce n  $14
(A beautiful Salmon fillet simply salt and pepper seasoned is roasted flaky orange…perfect. Dressed with a warm spiced rustic tomato pan sauce.)

Cook-up Sa’alfish n $12
(Flaked sa’alfish (salted cod) sautéed with plump, red tomatoes, sweet onions, and an exciting mix of colored bell peppers and a hint of heat from Jamaica’s flavorful Scotch Bonnet Pepper.)

Puree de Figue Verte (Starchy green bananas, creamed)
Mixed Greens n Okra
Fried Ripe Plantains


2-Beef Cook-up Rice
(A dinner staple for our adopted Caribbean cousins- the Guyanese.  A one pot meal of salted and fresh beef, kidney beans, rice and seasoning veggies, it traps all the flavors of the many ingredients.)

Spicy Chicken Pelau
(This is to Trinidad what Curry Goat is to Jamaica… a SERIOUS tradition!  A one pot meal made using meat, peas, rice and seasoning veggies, it traps all the flavors of the many ingredients. You’ve got to try it!)

Green Beans and Tomato Sauté
Corn on the Cob
Fried Ripe Plantains


Thursday Small plates, where the dishes run the gamut of Caribbean Fusion.  Join me@ West End Cider House: 6pm until…

Coming up…

  • “Ben Johnson” Specials  

        (Really Simple but DELIGHTFUL meals at a great price!)

  • Cinnamon Beef with Spinach 

        (A hearty stew made from simmered beef cubes, onions, fresh Spinach leaves and spices caught in a fragrant  
        brown sauce.)

  • Boka Dushi  with Peanut Sauce n

       (Dutch West Indian Chicken kebabs seasoned to the skewer and char grilled over a low and slow coals.
        Served with a spicy Peanut Sauce.  Its finger licking, lip smacking, oooooohhh sooo good!

  • Rub-ah-Dub Beef Ribs n

       (Crusty, spicy, tender, meaty beef ribs with PETITE sizing.  Seasoned with a unique spice blend having a zing   
       and zip; slow cooked to perfection.  No saucy messes, but you will be licking them fingers.)

  • Jerk Chicken Lasagna n 

       (An Italian classic fused with a synonymous Jamaican favorite. Good to the lasst drop!



Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Pineapple- Mango Salsa n
(Chicken/Tofu highly seasoned with warm & aromatic Jamaican spices, slow cooked over a “scented” grill and served with our unique Jerk Sauce and sweet salsa to balance the heat!)

Jamaican Fried Chicken with a Bastard Gravy n
(Bone-in chicken, marinated with mix of warm spices, fancy breaded then deep fried to perfection.  Served with an illegitimate sweet and sour sauce, considered gravy! )

Traditional Rice and Peas
Green Beans and Carrots
Fried Ripe Plantains

Dessert: Berry Almond Crumble
(A delicious summer dessert with our secret twist and delicious almond topping.  We’ll keep.) $6

*N.B Daily vegetable options maybe substituted without notice!* 

Sides: Fried Plantains, Vegetable of the Day, Rice n Peas, etc: $3. EXTRA meat: $4.  Soups, Mauvettes’s Specials and A’la carte sides: as priced.  Entrees marked with the n emoticon are moderately spicy (hot). Don’t hesitate to ask about our daily vegetarian and soup option if not listed.  Cash, credit or debit cards payments are welcome.